Software and Services of Chronic Disease Health Management

PGS-NAGIS Software

Reducing service costs and e provide a better quality of life using technology is the objective of PGS software. Chronic disease need special care and attendance with increased attention to assure that the welfare of the patient is always in first place.

Many cases fall into chronic diseases, as for example, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer, HIV, cancer and many other. These diseases can take a lot of time and money from the patient with common treatments, becoming of fundamental importance the continuous attendance so that with the improvement of the lifestyle, the disease may recede and go under full control of the patient.

PGS software finds in the operational system, which are chronic disease, offering other useful functions in the daily preventive work:

  1. Screening - finds chronic patients in your operator and potential beneficiaries that will develop this kind of disease.
  2. Electronic Medical Record – easy access storage of all information about the patient, such as tests, remedies, procedures and relevant medical records.
  3. Protocols – created to ease following and defining future procedures to the risk group, always updating all data relevant to treatments.
  4. Results report – the software compiles information about specific periods required and generates reports that show: effective cost of the program, health progress, professional productivity, updated treatment situation and other.

Service costs management software

Software Matriz Gerencial

The software Matriz Gerencial is an essential work tool to always be cautious to changes and demands of the market, providing a better knowledge and market control when making decisions.

It is a software of market intelligence capable of generating graphs and reports comparing costs and efficiency of your network when related to the competitor market. Acting directly in preventive medicine, Matriz Gerencial is capable of evaluating if your patients are getting better in shorter time saving money of external treatments from competitors.

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