Fast Testing Devices (UERs) – Immediate results

The Fast Test and Checkup Devices represent a new model of attendance to the diagnostic and preventive medicine, created by NAGIS Health and with patent at 146 countries.

Using technology the UER enables low cost (Brazilian public health system value table) and immediate performance and results, reducing follow-up queues, streamlining the ill treatment and allowing direct communication with the served population.

The social and political appeal arising from the use of an UER is easily perceived, through avoiding hiring new physicians, since the current ones attend to most patients with the decrease of return visits, or through immediate treatment, without the patient needing to wait on queues and return visits, not mentioning the wait time for results.

A study published by NAGIS Health shows that 70% of the most requested tests by physicians are already performed by an UER:

  1. Biochemistry tests
  2. Hematology tests
  3. Nephrology tests
  4. Urinalysis tests
  5. Respiratory tests
  6. Body composition tests
  7. Postural tests
  8. Resting electrocardiogram

Tests that require a physician report, like an ECG test, activates automatically our telemedicine central, which counts with specialized physicians support, or specialized physicians from the same city as the patient, to emit the report through the internet. The results are returned rapidly to the patient, through the telemedicine central.

The implantation of the fast testing devices is a revolution in the prevention and in the treatment of diseases and an innovative system that makes the population aware of the attention given.

Differentials in our services to the diagnosis and to the preventive medicine

  1. Increased number of attended patients
  2. Immediate results of tests and treatments
  3. Software to help treatment and diagnosis
  4. Direct communication through SMS with the attended population (e.g.: result alert of electrocardiogram physician report)

How it works

The fast testing device allows a sophisticated computer program, interconnected with blood and image test equipment, all based on point-of-care technology, occupying little space (4m²), with a low cost (Brazilian healthcare system), immediate results using a small amount of blood and telemedicine technology and providing suggestions of conduct to the clinical staff, based on therapeutic protocols and diagnoses.

Current treatment model

(*) the whole process might repeat itself, if the physician requires complementary tests.

Proposed treatment model

Efficiency and low cost, with technologies that help the clinical staff rapidly to conduct therapy, make the Fast Test device capable of:

Reducing queues

We estimate that 50% of the queues in the healthcare units are actually arising from return consults to deliver test results solicited physician. With the implantation of the Fast Test Device, that number drops sensibly.

Saving time

Patients today, wait up to 30 days to be attended, performing exams and delivering them the physician. With the implantation of the Fast Test Device, most attendances can be performed and completed (with test results already saved from previous executions) in minutes.

Offering better treatment

The Fast Test Device helps the health professionals through medicinal protocols based on evidences to define better treatment.

Restricting the exams to what is necessary

Today, physicians request many exams simultaneously to the patient. With the implantation of the Fast Test Device the physician can request one test (e.g.: glycemia) and through the performance of it, the software PGS-NAGIS performs other tests (e.g.: Glycated hemoglobin) if it identifies adulterations that will facilitate the diagnosis.

Economy and improvement in the quality of life through disease prevention

Through health checkup programs, that reach the population through mobile devices, we raise attendance level of public health to incredible heights of results and recognition. Moreover, a single heart disease avoided represents today an economy of more than $ 40.000,00 in the first year alone.

Mobile and fixed devices

Fast Testing Devices are available in FIXED and MOBILE versions while the checkup devices are available in PORTABLE versions.

An office setting with the use of the FIXED Fast Test Device

MOBILE Fast Test Device

Capacidade de Atendimento

(*) Maximum capacity estimated to a MOBILE Fast Test Device in daylight activity (12h).

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