NAGIS Health is a technological company headquartered in in Curitiba/PR. Founded in 2008, has as owner the Grupo ECOM Participações, with 15 years of experience in health. It keep the system “Matriz Gerencial”, software used in health plans to analyze and manage the risk of sinister. It is also a sponsor of the BDS (National Database of Sinister), which monitors epidemiological data and sinister of millions of beneficiaries of the health operators.

NAGIS Health created the Fast Testing Devices, devices capable of performing blood tests and imagery (reports through telemedicine), with immediate results. The Fast Testing Devices can also “learn” diagnosis and treatments. With these innovations, it offers benefits like immediate results of tests, diagnosis and therapy support, economy with unnecessary test executions and sometimes results not reclaimed by the patients on the laboratories. A study in the BDS (National Database of Sinister) shows that the Fast Testing Devices can perform 70% the most requested tests by physicians. The Fast Testing Devices are also installed in specially adapted vehicles, offering mobility in the execution of those tests.

Potential applications of the Fast Testing Devices (UER):



Improving quality of life and the management of organizations that provides health services, offering technologies and good quality services.


Being reference in providing innovative technological solutions efficient in health management.


Client satisfaction: The reason of our existence.
Appreciation and respect for the people: They are the great differential that makes everything possible.
Focus in results and constant innovation: We depend on them to exist and grow.

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